This past weekend I went to the Dahlia Festival in Canby, Oregon. It was amazing! 
I had no idea there were so many different types of dahlias and in so many colors! 
In some ways this huge field of flowers was overwhelming, 
but only in the I-feel-like-I-just-stepped-into-Oz kind of way.

I was so excited when I looked at these pictures today,
they ended up better than I thought they would. 
So that would be the reason for the photo overload!

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  1. Aw, for some reason the pics aren't showing up :( It says they have been deleted or moved from Photobucket. i'll check back - I'm sure you had a lovely time!!!

  2. Sorry about that! I've just fixed it. :)

  3. omg this is seriously breathtaking. your photos are incredible. this is my idea of heaven! so gorgeous x


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