This week I went to the Gap and bought some really great pants. 
I had just seen them in a magazine ad and loved the color. 
I love them but wasn't too sure about the fit. The legs (from the knee down) are a little baggy. It's just not what you think of when it's called a legging jean, however, I think I can make it work. 
Why does that line always remind me of Tim Gunn/Project Runway?? haha.
Anyway, it seems like it's suppose to be that way since it looks the same in the picture on the website.

And...Happy Birthday to my super awesome friend Abby! :)
I've known Abby since the 4th grade! Crazy, right??

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  1. I'm also short, but I've finally come to terms that I will hem 90% of the pants I purchase! Ha. Also, I just loove the color name "aubergine."

  2. Yeah, sometimes being short can be annoying. I have only really hemmed one pair of pants. I've either been pretty lucky or just lazy. haha. :)

  3. I haven't shopped in Gap in years but they're starting to have really cute things now!

    xx Cristina

  4. i love colored pants! are they corduroy? they look perfect for fall :)

  5. I always have a hard time finding pants, since I'm so short! Ech. Love that color, perfect for fall!

  6. Love the color, my favorite for this fall.


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