business casual


Business casual generally confuses me. I either feel like I'll end being too dressed up, or not enough. That is how I was to dress today, since I ended up having a interview. Crazy, huh?? 
I also, apparently, got the job since I will fill out the paperwork next week and then start training on the 17th. It's only a seasonal position, but I'm pretty excited to have finally gotten an opportunity here in Oregon. Plus, it's full-time! I generally think that's pretty unheard of for a seasonal position. 
 blazer: Gap; dress: TJ Maxx; belt: Gap; shoes: Zara

This is what I ended up wearing.
What do you think?? Is it the right mix of business and casual? 

Have a great weekend everyone!
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busy bee


Yes, I actually am a busy bee today. I know, it's quite a shocker. 
So here is a super quick look at what I'm wearing today. 
cardigan: Old Navy; top: Gap; pants: Old Navy; shoes: Marshalls

Soon, very soon I will not be taking these weird, kind of blurry outfit pics.
Hope all of you are having a great Thursday! 
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gonna get over you


I have nothing much to share with you guys, today has been very uneventful.
Although I don't have much to say, I thought I'd share a music video.

I think this video is pretty funny and quite confusing. However, it does make me crave a Mexican apple soda, which if you haven't had I suggest you go and try one right now! It's delicious. My favorite Mexican drink. Ahhh, now I'm craving Mexican food from home. No bueno. 
(Yes. I do sometimes speak Spanglish, it happens when you're from a city that is 20 minutes away from Mexico.)

ps I really want to see Sara Bareilles in concert! If only she had one coming up in the Northwest.
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travel tuesday: istanbul, turkey


I seemed to have actually forgotten a few trips I had in Europe, so that means I still have a few of these to go. 

I went to Istanbul for a long weekend and ended up going with a few other girls that I lived with in my building. We took a bus. That's right, a bus at night from Thessaloniki, Greece to Istanbul. 
Probably one of the strangest things I could have done.  It was cheap though, and that was the entire point. I remember trying to sleep on the bus, but it didn't really work out very well. At one point, I woke up half-awake, half-asleep and being on the second story of this massive bus speeding in the middle of Turkey (yes I kind of thought we were going to crash and die) I saw a crescent moon and star so huge in the sky in exactly the same way it is on their country flag. It was pretty amazing and I'm so sad that I didn't think to take a picture of it. 
It was a strange trip. From having to buy a visa in the middle of the night when crossing the border, then coming back we waited forever to cross back into Greece (because of us I'm sure, since our being in Greece for 3 months was about to expire), and having guys at the Grand Bazaar/Spice Bazaar calling us the Spice Girls. 
It was an interesting place and I can say that I now have been on the Asian continent too! 
(Istanbul is split in half, half in Europe and half in Asia.) 
If you get to go, definitely get the apple tea because it is seriously delicious!

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non-manic monday


Is it just me or do any of you get the Manic Monday song kind of stuck in your head on a Monday?? Well, for me, this certainly isn't a manic Monday nor was it a busy weekend, however, I really didn't feel like doing much anyway. I read books, finished one on Saturday and started another one yesterday which I ended up finishing at around 3am this morning. I keep trying not to finish books in one day, but sometimes I can't help it. Other than reading, I looked at blogs, internet window shopped, and looked for more jobs to apply to. Now that I think about it, that's kind of what I do all the time since I'm unemployed and all.

Anyway, I had to make a stop on Friday to Target and decided to look around Old Navy too since it's right by it. Probably wasn't the best idea for my wallet, but everything was on sale so it wasn't so bad.
I bought a striped sweater, leopard cardigan, and a skirt ($5). Awesome, right?!
I definitely think I will get a lot of wear out of them this Fall. 

Have a great Monday everyone!
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You may have seen the Paris video that many people have posted, but there are a few more. 
This video makes me really want to go to Vancouver, since I'm relatively so close to it now. 
Hopefully I can soon!

Go and check out all the other videos too!
Have a fantastic weekend!
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totally twisted-part 2


I went to Ulta a week or two ago just to browse and possibly find a new hair product to try out. 
I ended up asking one lady who worked there what styling products would be good for my hair. 
At some point, she ended up asking me what I use and I think I surprised her. She looked bewildered at the amount of products I use to get my hair to cooperate, which I did not appreciate. I mean, I have been looking for products to try that could substitute my gel/mousse combo, but I haven't as of yet. I've also tried just using gel or mousse, and my hair never looks as well as when I use both. (Supposedly Taylor Swift doesn't use any styling products, which I find hard to believe and she has a makeup/hair team so that whole statement doesn't count). 
Anyway, I thought I would elaborate on my hair routine. 
Products used- 1. Fekkai curls cream, 2. Herbal Essences Totally Twisted gel, 3. John Frieda Frizz-Ease mousse (travel size)
I wanted to show the amount of product I actually use. I don't use gobs of my products, the mousse looks like a lot but it's mainly foam-y air. I also have somewhat long hair at the moment, so if you have shorter or longer hair than mine you will need to subtract/add product accordingly.
Also, sometimes hair is just not having a good day...
hair feeling dry, add more of the curl cream 
feeling frizzier than usual, add more gel
need a little boost, add a bit more mousse. 
(that rhymed, didn't it??)
I know the main reason people with curly hair avoid most styling products is because of the crunchy aspect, but that is mainly from hairspray. (Yes, let us all remember the 80's and may those hair techniques RIP). I avoid hairspray like the plague, which has also given me a fear of spray gel. Pretty much spray anything isn't a great idea, unless you spray it in your hands first but that kind of defeats the whole purpose.

So after all this, you let your hair air dry. The reason I like to air dry my hair is mainly because with a diffuser the curl of my hair changes and it can make products do the crunchy factor thing. 
Once it feels pretty dry...
flip your hair over and shake out the roots. 

Ta-da!! You are good to go!

Missed out on part 1?? Check it out here.
ps I'm still looking for a product that can substitute my gel/mousse combo, 
I'll let you know of any miraculous hair discoveries.

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purple giraffe


via Gap Mag
 "Aritzia blouse. Vintage high-waisted pants. Topshop baby giraffe slipper loafers. Paul Smith glasses. Vintage and Indian bangles. Afterlife re-purposed Army tote. NARS lipstick in Schiap."

I really like this outfit, plus it gives me some inspiration on what to wear with my new pants I bought last week. I'm also loving the glasses and shoes. What do you think of this look??

Have a great Wednesday everyone!
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sweet & simple things


via Etsy

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happy monday


These are some things that are making me happy on this particular Monday...

 Flowers I bought at the Farmers' Market on Saturday. 

 Pumpkin spice tea!!!! Seriously so excited about this. 
 Watching old episodes of How I Met Your Mother. 
New season starting tonight! Yay!
 Cinnamon chip bread. Yum!

Hope you're having a great Monday! 
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pumpkin spice cookies


I'm starting to feel the need to bake. 
I personally like trying new baking/dessert recipes, but I always make more than necessary for me 
(for someone who rarely craves sweets, I ironically really like making them). 
Since pumpkin spice season is upon us, I thought I'd share this recipe I found on Pinterest
Can't wait to try it! 
Recipe via Honey & Jam

Have a fabulous weekend!
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This week I went to the Gap and bought some really great pants. 
I had just seen them in a magazine ad and loved the color. 
I love them but wasn't too sure about the fit. The legs (from the knee down) are a little baggy. It's just not what you think of when it's called a legging jean, however, I think I can make it work. 
Why does that line always remind me of Tim Gunn/Project Runway?? haha.
Anyway, it seems like it's suppose to be that way since it looks the same in the picture on the website.

And...Happy Birthday to my super awesome friend Abby! :)
I've known Abby since the 4th grade! Crazy, right??

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rebecca minkoff spring 2012


I've been browsing some of the fashion shows from fashion week lately. 
I stumbled upon the Rebecca Minkoff show and realized that they used makeup from mark. 
via mark. girl
via BeautyStyleWatch
via mark. girl
"Lips are a blend of Cha Cha & Coral Fixation shades of lipclick full color lipstick."
I'm thinking I really need to get the other lipstick in Coral Fixation
because I'm really loving the combined color. 

What do you think of this look??
If you would like to purchase any of the products above, you can here.
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travel tuesday: halkidiki, greece


Thanks to facebook reminding me that I was leaving for Greece this day two years ago, I thought I would dedicate this post to a trip I had while studying abroad. Actually, this post will be from two different trips I had to Halkidiki, a weekend beach trip/boat tour of Mt. Athos and a sailing trip. 

 Sailing trip
Yes, we saw a dolphin! This picture wasn't taken by me, but by someone else who was on the trip.
Both of these trips were amazing! 
Halkidiki is a beautiful area of Greece and I was so fortunate to witness it in person. It's a little weird to me that it has now been two years since I was traveling around Europe, it feels just like yesterday. 
I hope I have the chance to go again and make all new memories.

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