travel tuesday: seaside, oregon


The other week, I told you guys that when my friend Charmaine was visiting we had two road trips. One was to Mt. Hood and Hood River and this would be the other one. 
I had already been to Seaside, four years ago, but I have to admit it was much nicer this time. It was actually sunny for one. haha. The water is still freezing compared to the Gulf of Mexico water that I'm used to. It is a really adorable town, quite touristy but a trip well worth it. 
 Yep, it's a historical town too!
It was a really fun trip and I'm glad we had the time to go!

Some of these pictures are Charmaine's, since I was driving and we used her super fancy camera and lens for most of the pictures at the beach. You can check out her blog and :)

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