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Let's face it, having curly hair can at times be frustrating.
People have asked me if it's "real." Yep it is. 
I've been called Shirley Temple and Curly Sue
(does not help people realize I'm actually 22 and not 5 years old).
While in Florence, Italy, random men just touched my curls while I walked past,
which was a little creepy.

fave hair products

I try different products all the time. 
My general rule is that it either has to be specifically for curly hair or is a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Before there were a ton of specified products for curls, I would go for ones that were for dry/damaged hair. Depending on how dry your hair is, pick which one would work best for you.
When I style my hair, I generally use a little gel and mousse. Suave has a great mousse for curly hair and I like the Herbal Essences Totally Twisted gel.

my favorite hair product
I usually buy this at Ulta

This is the ultimate product for my hair! It is the best and smells so good!
It's not cheap but nothing else seems to come close to this product, so it is worth it. 
It's the one constant, in brand and product, for my hair routine.

UPDATE 4/9/13: The Fekkai curl cream formula has changed and doesn't work as well as it did.

My hair routine:
Obviously when I shower I use my shampoo and conditioner, although I try not to use shampoo every day (which is why I always end up buying the smaller shampoo bottle and the larger bottle of conditioner).
Then when I get out of the shower I wrap my hair in my towel, do not pat dry or rub dry. I comb through my hair with my fingers or sometimes, if especially tangled, I use a wide tooth comb.
While hair is still wet I put in the Fekkai curl cream. 

Depending on when you take your shower, before bed or in the morning, this routine only slightly differs. If you shower before bed put the curl cream in and then go to sleep. In the morning, wet hair just enough to make it damp and then put in gel and mousse. Let air dry. Once it feels pretty dry, flip over hair and shake out the roots so it's not just completely stuck to your head.
If you take a shower in the morning it's the same,
just without going to sleep and getting your hair wet again. :)
It has taken me many years to finally accept and appreciate the hair I have.
(I hated it as a kid. I only started to like it once I figured out how to make it look decent.)
I do like my hair now, but it wasn't an easy road to get to this point.
Sometimes I get a little bored not knowing what to do with it, since I generally just wear it down.
Other than that, I like it!
*If you have any hairstyle ideas let me know!

This has been a seriously long post, so I should stop now.
If you have any questions about my routine or products I've used please ask in the comment section.
Have a great week everyone! 

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  1. your curls are uh-mazing.

  2. those are quite some curls! i wish my hair would do that... but instead it has a funky wave to it. i am going to take your advice in this post and try these products out. what a great post! also, i love your blog. i found it this morning and had to follow!

  3. Thanks! I hope some of these products work out for you! :)


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