greek festival


Yesterday I went to a Greek festival, which I really wanted to go to with missing being in 
Greece so much and stuff. It was pretty small but they had some pretty good food, 
the chicken souvlaki and loukoumades were awesome! 

Spanakopita, chicken souvlaki, and a Greek frappe.

Loukoumades. Seriously yummy!
Their sister church also has a Greek Festival, but in October, that has been going on for
more than 50 years. I will definitely be going to that one! 

What I wore: AE t-shirt (it was $4!!) & military shirt/jacket; Old Navy jeans; My fave sandals
"I'll meet you here"- that's what my shirt says. :)


Have a good week everyone! Can you believe it's already August?? Crazy. 

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