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I took dance classes for many years. Ballet was usually my least favorite, but it was always necessary to take if I wanted to be in the Nutcracker or the competition team. I really liked it for awhile, even checking out ballet books from the library pouring over all the pretty pictures of ballerinas.
It was really inspiring, but I was never that great at it. I still remember this one guest teacher who came all the way over from Russia (since our dance school did the Vaganova ballet method) and she scared me! Sheesh that lady was tall and really slim...like really really slim, kind of almost like a walking skeleton. It creeped me out. Plus, she always had a cane during class to correct your technique if necessary. Needless to say, I tried not to do anything wrong when she was there. 
all pictures via J. Crew
Even though I never became a prima ballerina, I still appreciate the beauty that is in ballet. 
Ballet can be seriously amazing! 
These pictures make me want to get out some sweaters and tights. :)
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  1. I've never dance, but ballet aesthetics is beautifull & pretty influential on fashion history.


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