a fall outfit


mark. Fall outfit

mark. Fall outfit by danica-nicole featuring a knit blazer

I created this outfit for a contest on Polyvore, and I really ended up liking this look. 
Hopefully I can add some of these pieces (or similar), since I already have the shoes. 
If you like either the purse, blazer, bracelet, or lipstick you can buy it here. :) 

I think it's crazy that tomorrow is September! August just flew by.  
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travel tuesday: cannon beach, oregon


A summer day is not complete without a blackberry ice cream cone.

Here are some the pictures I took from my trip to Cannon Beach for the day, as promised. I really liked it and it was quite different from Seaside. This beach town didn't quite look like a touristy area, even though there were a lot of people there. It was fun to see a different area of the Oregon coast.

ps I did see one very cute miniature schnauzer wearing a University of Oregon jersey.
pps Someday I want to rent a house out on the coast for a summer, if that is ever possible. :)
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the weekend


My weekend included going to the farmer's market, eating pizza and mango peach lemonade at the Festa Italiana downtown, reading magazines and The Great Gatsby (haven't gotten very far into it yet), and watching my netflix movie (Rent...which I didn't particularly like) while eating lunch. 
It was a pretty good weekend in my books.

Today I went to get a massage! It was really nice. 
I also went grocery shopping, which gave me a reason to dress up. 
*In this picture my striped shirt looks black and white, but it's actually blue and white. 
**I don't know what I'm looking at. haha. 
I was planning on wearing a skirt or dress, but it was actually kind of chilly and cloudy today. 
Perhaps I will get to tomorrow.

Hope you had a great weekend!
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glitter guide


Have any of you browsed the Glitter Guide website?? 
It certainly is lovely and has loads of fashion inspiration. 
(Plus much more!)
So if you haven't, go check it out! 
Glitter Guide
10 Ways to Dress Like a Glitter Girl
 This list of glitter girl advise is based off of this one.

Glitter Girl: Anna of Tulip Louise
Style at Home: Cathrine of Hallelu
I have to admit, every time I look at the first picture 
I feel like I need to find a party to dress up for or have my own. :)
Have a fabulous weekend!
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a day at the beach


I spent my day at the beach. It was pretty and kind of cold, which I am totally okay with. 
(These past few nights I haven't been able to sleep since my room has been ridiculously hot!)
So I will have a new Travel Tuesday post for you guys next week! 

Other than going to the beach, I've been job hunting and watching Netflix movies.
It's really exciting...not really.
I'm hoping I will get a call for, at least, an interview very soon.
If not, next week I'm off to find a part-time job to tide me over until that happens. 

ps I found out that Portland takes part in Fashion's Night Out! Is anyone thinking of going?? :) 
pps Don't mind my pretty disastrous self timer photo sitting on a crooked rock. For some odd reason I still like it.
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I find this video to be kind of funny. 
Plus, the song is really catchy. 
One of my friends loves this song, 
which in some ways I find odd.
Yes Abby, I'm talking about you! :) 
Hopefully this song is a great pick-me-up! 
The weekend is almost here you know.
Have a great day everyone! 

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via Pinterest
It's one way of looking at it. 

I finally finished my about me section ^. 
It was a lot harder than it probably should have ever been, 
but I had no real idea what to include. 
There's probably a lot of stuff missing. 
Hope all of you had a terrific Tuesday! :)
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window shopping


classics I'm wanting

classics I'm wanting by danica-nicole featuring a quilted jacket

I've been gravitating toward more classic pieces lately and these ^ would be some that I'm wanting. 
1. a new striped shirt
2. Dooney and Bourke nylon purse 
(can't decide if I like the cognac & black or the all black one. what do you think?) 
3. the perfect trench coat 
4. mini flared jeans  
5. a pair of cognac boots with a small heel/wedge
6. quilted riding jacket  

What are you looking to buy for Fall??  

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What will $30.64 get you at Target??
1. hot cheetos (they're my favorite and remind me of home)
2. vanilla soy milk (for smoothies)
3. InStyle magazine
4. wireless purple mouse (on sale for $11!)
5. pink pajamas (also on sale)
6. one bottle of Coke (not in picture)
I love Target! 
I buy some really random things in one shopping trip.

 I was bored ^. haha.

Have a super awesome weekend! :)
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a cashmere affair


I took dance classes for many years. Ballet was usually my least favorite, but it was always necessary to take if I wanted to be in the Nutcracker or the competition team. I really liked it for awhile, even checking out ballet books from the library pouring over all the pretty pictures of ballerinas.
It was really inspiring, but I was never that great at it. I still remember this one guest teacher who came all the way over from Russia (since our dance school did the Vaganova ballet method) and she scared me! Sheesh that lady was tall and really slim...like really really slim, kind of almost like a walking skeleton. It creeped me out. Plus, she always had a cane during class to correct your technique if necessary. Needless to say, I tried not to do anything wrong when she was there. 
all pictures via J. Crew
Even though I never became a prima ballerina, I still appreciate the beauty that is in ballet. 
Ballet can be seriously amazing! 
These pictures make me want to get out some sweaters and tights. :)
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via Tumblr
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sequins & boyfriend jeans


via The Glitter Guide
I pinned this look on Pinterest a few weeks ago and I keep coming back to it.
It's a great outfit, that has a hint of being fancy but also laid back. I love it! 
I need to find a sparkly top now. Actually, can I have this whole outfit!
The mug too! (which I believe is from Anthropologie) :)
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totally twisted


Let's face it, having curly hair can at times be frustrating.
People have asked me if it's "real." Yep it is. 
I've been called Shirley Temple and Curly Sue
(does not help people realize I'm actually 22 and not 5 years old).
While in Florence, Italy, random men just touched my curls while I walked past,
which was a little creepy.

fave hair products

I try different products all the time. 
My general rule is that it either has to be specifically for curly hair or is a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Before there were a ton of specified products for curls, I would go for ones that were for dry/damaged hair. Depending on how dry your hair is, pick which one would work best for you.
When I style my hair, I generally use a little gel and mousse. Suave has a great mousse for curly hair and I like the Herbal Essences Totally Twisted gel.

my favorite hair product
I usually buy this at Ulta

This is the ultimate product for my hair! It is the best and smells so good!
It's not cheap but nothing else seems to come close to this product, so it is worth it. 
It's the one constant, in brand and product, for my hair routine.

UPDATE 4/9/13: The Fekkai curl cream formula has changed and doesn't work as well as it did.

My hair routine:
Obviously when I shower I use my shampoo and conditioner, although I try not to use shampoo every day (which is why I always end up buying the smaller shampoo bottle and the larger bottle of conditioner).
Then when I get out of the shower I wrap my hair in my towel, do not pat dry or rub dry. I comb through my hair with my fingers or sometimes, if especially tangled, I use a wide tooth comb.
While hair is still wet I put in the Fekkai curl cream. 

Depending on when you take your shower, before bed or in the morning, this routine only slightly differs. If you shower before bed put the curl cream in and then go to sleep. In the morning, wet hair just enough to make it damp and then put in gel and mousse. Let air dry. Once it feels pretty dry, flip over hair and shake out the roots so it's not just completely stuck to your head.
If you take a shower in the morning it's the same,
just without going to sleep and getting your hair wet again. :)
It has taken me many years to finally accept and appreciate the hair I have.
(I hated it as a kid. I only started to like it once I figured out how to make it look decent.)
I do like my hair now, but it wasn't an easy road to get to this point.
Sometimes I get a little bored not knowing what to do with it, since I generally just wear it down.
Other than that, I like it!
*If you have any hairstyle ideas let me know!

This has been a seriously long post, so I should stop now.
If you have any questions about my routine or products I've used please ask in the comment section.
Have a great week everyone! 

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I had a whole other idea for this post, but for some odd reason this week I've felt really out of it. 
So instead I've got some lovely fashion inspiration, courtesy of spending 
too much of my time on Pinterest.  (I really need to find a job.)
 (This is suppose to be from Madewell, but I couldn't get to the original link)

This just proves to me that I need to get a really lovely pencil skirt, possibly with polka dots. 
Happy Friday everyone!
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anything can be


via The Quote Queen's

This is by Shel Silverstein and it is one of my absolute favorites. 

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h&m finds


Last week I went downtown for the day and of course, since I was there, I stopped by H&M to see what new items they had. I ended up buying 2 things (which I think shows some restraint. haha.)
I'm so glad I found these oxfords/brogues (whatever you want to call them).
They are quite similar to the J. Crew ones I love but without the extremely large price tag. 
The necklace is great! I've definitely been looking for more statement pieces lately.

Hope you are all having a fantastic week! 
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On Friday, I went to Portland's Opera in the Park for awhile, and this week they were playing songs from Carmen. It's free and in the rose garden. They also have a ton of other free things to do there as well. It was really nice, just wish I had gotten there earlier since everyone else seemed to have camped out all day for it. 

Okay so my brain is feeling pretty useless right now, maybe it's because it is Monday that I feel extra lazy but laying in bed right now just sounds like such a good idea.  Here's to hoping that I feel up to being more productive tomorrow. 
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