taco soup


Yesterday, I made taco soup for dinner. It was really yummy! I know this recipe isn't quite realistic for the weather across the country, as of late, but here in Oregon it's been in the 70s and super nice.
(Hope all you East Coast and Mid West people are doing okay! Just go somewhere with air conditioning.
That is my main advice from living in deep South Texas and our only means of survival.)
If you crank up the air conditioning/fan, you'll be fine though...hopefully! :) 

The things I switched out were not using an actual onion and used onion powder. 
Also, it calls for two cans of the diced tomatoes with green chilies, but I actually found one ^ with jalape├▒os and then used a can of regular diced tomatoes. Next time I'll probably use two cans though. 
Oh and I used two cans of pinto beans, because I don't like black beans. haha.

 Recipe found via Pinterest from How To: Simplify

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