Happy birthday to J.K. Rowling!! (and also to Harry Potter)
I loved the series so much! I started reading it in 5th grade, which definitely feels like a very long time ago. Since then, I've read each book multiple times (This excessive reading made some of my copies split in half from the binding. I actually have two sets because of this and cause I'm a nerd. haha.). I plan on reading them again too, very soon hopefully. So to the woman who started it all....
Via We Heart It
Via We Heart It
via We Heart It
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I was also so very happy with the last movie! I thought it was great (and I kind of want to go see it again). Hope you are all having a great weekend!

ps I forgot to write this earlier, but this is my 100th post! I think it's somewhat of a milestone. :)

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j. crew, why do you do this to me?


Seriously J. Crew, you need to stop coming up with such amazing stuff.
My just out of college budget can't handle it! 
J. Crew Fall 2011: Looks We Love
If you haven't browsed the new looks yet it might be best if you didn't, 
cause you may want to buy everything. J. Crew just does that to you.
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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taco soup


Yesterday, I made taco soup for dinner. It was really yummy! I know this recipe isn't quite realistic for the weather across the country, as of late, but here in Oregon it's been in the 70s and super nice.
(Hope all you East Coast and Mid West people are doing okay! Just go somewhere with air conditioning.
That is my main advice from living in deep South Texas and our only means of survival.)
If you crank up the air conditioning/fan, you'll be fine though...hopefully! :) 

The things I switched out were not using an actual onion and used onion powder. 
Also, it calls for two cans of the diced tomatoes with green chilies, but I actually found one ^ with jalapeños and then used a can of regular diced tomatoes. Next time I'll probably use two cans though. 
Oh and I used two cans of pinto beans, because I don't like black beans. haha.

 Recipe found via Pinterest from How To: Simplify

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I thought I'd post some of the outfits I wore last week...
This isn't a very exciting outfit, but I really liked my new scarf from H&M.
These shorts were $8 at the Gap!
Hope you like the outfits! I hope I'll be able to do this more often. 

Today has been an annoying day and I think the stress of finding a job has finally kicked in a bit. (So if anyone knows of any jobs in the Portland area, let me know! It would be very much appreciated!)

On another note, I went to the movies yesterday and watched Friends With Benefits. It was actually a lot better than I thought it would be! I'm glad I went to see it. :)

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travel tuesday: mt. hood & hood river, oregon


When my friend, Charmaine was here we also took two road trips, and one was to go see Mt. Hood. We also stopped to have lunch at Hood River (which is such a cute town!). 
 Yes, skiing in July!

 Apparently, Hood River is a famous place to go wind surfing and there was a ton of people there.

 The best cupcakes! I want to go back just to get cupcakes, is that weird?? lol.

 It was a great day trip and had really amazing views!
Definitely try to go when you are in Oregon.

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everyday i'm shufflin'


...not really, but that song is just stuck in my head. I can definitely blame my friend Charmaine for that. haha. Here are some pictures from this past week when she was visiting! 

We did lots of stuff this past week, like going to the rose garden (it was freezing when we were there), shopped downtown and browsed the pearl district (h&m anyone??), went to the oregon berry festival, and more! It was a very busy week and I still think I'm full from all the food we ate ( yes that ^ would be gigantic pieces of french toast, amaretto french toast to be exact). Anyway, I have much more to show you guys but I thought I wouldn't make this post the longest one known to man. 
It will just have to wait for another post. Until then...

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Heart in Oregon
I moved to Oregon!
I'm trying to find a job and what not. 
I'm really liking it so far!
Sorry for the lack of posts but this silly person is visiting me. :)
 This one is starting med school next week, so I won't see her again for another 7 years or so. Haha. 
She's also a photographer, and has a blog too.
I'll show you pictures of all our adventures soon!

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shopping in san francisco


This post is a lot later than I planned, but I haven't had much spare time. 
So here are some things I bought in San Francisco...
Ballet flats from Zara and oxfords from Marshalls. I'm really in love with red shoes.
 2 sweaters from J. Crew and top from the Gap.
 Jade bracelet. 

I didn't realize it till now, but everything I bought was on sale! 
That purple top from the Gap was around 3 dollars!
It's pretty awesome. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

ps I will have a surprise announcement soon, like really soon...possibly tomorrow! :)
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This past Sunday I spent some time in fields of lavender. Like this one...
It was mainly because Oregon was having a lavender festival. I visited three of the farms listed and all of them were really pretty and had some amazing views. 

This ^ place had an amazing back yard and a winery. (apparently you can take wedding photos and perhaps have your ceremony there too. I think it was Meier Farms.)
Oh and they also had...
a super cute and friendly dog! 

So I say that if you're in Oregon next year that you should definitely try to 
visit some of the farms in the lavender festival!Yes or yes?? haha.

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