travel tuesday: south padre island, texas


Today I spent some time at the beach, South Padre Island to be exact. 
I made many trips to the island while growing up
and many end of the school year trips in middle school to Schlitterbahn (a waterpark). 

It was a nice day to go to the beach. We went before it got exceptionally hot and I still got a little sunburned! What I get for being pale. haha.
And sometimes life isn't complete without a cherry raspa with whipped cream! 
*whipped cream not in photo because I ate that part before I got home, but trust me it's delicious! 
(If you are ever in the Rio Grande Valley the best are to be found at Popeye's in San Juan).

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  1. hi danica! thanks for stopping by my blog. :) i know.. it is so random to see another blog from someone from the valley! i can not wait to head to SPI in a couple of weeks!!!! :) i'm so excited for the warm nights... nights are really chilly in cali and I'm STILL not used to it.



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