travel tuesday: boston, massachusetts


Last summer, I was lucky enough to visit one of my friends that I studied abroad with in Boston. 
It was a great trip! 

 Just because I found this to be such a random and funny sighting.

At the Red Sox game with friends.

 We were there for the fourth of July and it was amazing to see all the fireworks.

 We also spent some time at the Aquarium.

 We tried to see everything on the Freedom Trail, and I think we did. 
It is probably the most historical (for the United States) city I have been to yet. 
By the way, I think hot weather just follows me because it was 
exceptionally hot in Boston while we were there. 

ps I leave for my trip to San Francisco and Portland in two weeks! I'm really excited. 
Any advice on what to see or where to go eat/shop??

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