travel tuesday: south padre island, texas


Today I spent some time at the beach, South Padre Island to be exact. 
I made many trips to the island while growing up
and many end of the school year trips in middle school to Schlitterbahn (a waterpark). 

It was a nice day to go to the beach. We went before it got exceptionally hot and I still got a little sunburned! What I get for being pale. haha.
And sometimes life isn't complete without a cherry raspa with whipped cream! 
*whipped cream not in photo because I ate that part before I got home, but trust me it's delicious! 
(If you are ever in the Rio Grande Valley the best are to be found at Popeye's in San Juan).

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greek inspired dinner and cupcakes


Yesterday I tried to make a Greek inspired dinner and well cupcakes, which is not Greek. 
 Roasted chicken and potatoes. Recipe found here.

I was trying to make the dip that was in the second picture (which is from when I was in Greece). The dish is called Bouyiourdi. It is delicious but mine was just okay.
I adapted this recipe to what I thought was more like the one I had abroad. 
So I didn't put in a banana pepper and used canned diced tomatoes.

Then I made brown sugar cupcakes with blackberry frosting. I used a different frosting from the one in this recipe, but it sounds really good.

Overall, my dinner turned out pretty well. I just may have to tweak a few things the next time. 
Have a great week!
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travel tuesday: preparing to travel


Next week, I will be on my way to San Francisco! I'm really excited about it and I desperately need to start packing. I also need to figure out what to wear on the flight over there. Any suggestions? 
via Vol. 25
Hope everyone has a great week!
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j'adore paris


Yes, you have read that correctly! Oh Happy Day is doing a giveaway for a trip to Paris!
For a chance to win, visit the Oh Happy Day blog which has all the instructions on how to enter. 
Good luck! 

*The contest begins 5:00 AM PST 6/6/11 and ends 11:59 PM PST 6/20/11

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via The Clothes Horse
So I was browsing on bloglovin' and noticed that Rebecca from The Clothes Horse (she has a really cool blog and amazing sense of should check it out) was wearing some items from Mark.
It got me seriously considering the wedges and fedora that came out from Mark. awhile back.
I have a feeling the fedora would be too small for my head though. I have a hard time finding hats that fit and then with my curly hair, if it's too tight, it smooshes my hair down and stuff. I've been eying it for ages, since this hat has 3 interchangeable bands (which I have to admit is really cool). 
What do you guys think??

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travel tuesday: boston, massachusetts


Last summer, I was lucky enough to visit one of my friends that I studied abroad with in Boston. 
It was a great trip! 

 Just because I found this to be such a random and funny sighting.

At the Red Sox game with friends.

 We were there for the fourth of July and it was amazing to see all the fireworks.

 We also spent some time at the Aquarium.

 We tried to see everything on the Freedom Trail, and I think we did. 
It is probably the most historical (for the United States) city I have been to yet. 
By the way, I think hot weather just follows me because it was 
exceptionally hot in Boston while we were there. 

ps I leave for my trip to San Francisco and Portland in two weeks! I'm really excited. 
Any advice on what to see or where to go eat/shop??

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new camera


I just got my new camera this week! It's exciting and I can't wait to use it on my vacation. 
 ^ This is the camera I bought, the Canon T1i. 
So very soon I will have lots of pictures to show everyone!

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haven't met you yet


The days just seem to keep going by a lot faster than usual, or maybe that's just me.
Could also be that I am counting down the days till I go on vacation.
Yeah that's probably it.
(now that I think about it, wouldn't that make it seem that time is going by slower??)

Anyway, here is a video of one of my favorite songs from Michael Buble.

Don't you just love this song?? 
If you ever get to go to one of his concerts, go! He is legit. 
I went to his concert last summer and it was amazing! 
(I was in the nosebleed seats, that is why it's ^ so blurry. haha.)
I would definitely go again.

Hope everyone is having a great week!
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