travel tuesday: london, england


I had always wanted to go to England, London specifically, and when I was deciding where I would study abroad I was dead set on London. I had planned to go for the summer 
but decided I wanted to stay for a longer period of time, so I switched to a semester. 
That didn't work out because the program I picked was just way too expensive for an entire semester, 
so I had to find somewhere else or not go abroad at all.  
Although, I didn't get to study and live in London, I was able to visit for a weekend. 
I loved it just as much as I thought I would. 

I loved London and I really want to go back 
because I didn't get to see even half of all the things I wanted to.

ps I did get to see an alpaca walking around the streets of Camden Town (with its owner?). 
That was very random. 

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  1. aw i love london! i have a similar study abroad experience (almost went to london, changed at the last minute). love your pics. :)

  2. Travel Tuesdays,I love it! That last picture of the London Eye is so pretty..(following now through Bloglovin, i hope you can follow back also if you like my page!..
    Thank youuu!



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