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Just read Something Borrowed this past week. It was a good book, not an all time favorite but good nonetheless. It was of course a little different from the movie, but I think I actually liked the movie better. Shock. Yes. I usually always like the book better. (The only other movie that I think has come close to the book is The Notebook and well possibly Harry Potter, cause I'm a HP nerd. hehe.)
Now I'm going to start to read Something Blue, which I'm pretty excited about since I read the last page and it's kind of a shocker. Ooo intrigue, right??
Hope you all have a fabulous week!

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  1. ohh i cant wait to see this movie! i also want to read the book too! and i definitely agree with you that the notebook was pretty much just as good as the book - if not better! i loved both. but....with harry potter....the books are unbeatable! cant wait for the second part of the last movie a HP nerd too haha x

  2. Definitely go see the movie!
    For the books, Something Blue was actually a little better than Something Borrowed but it's best to just read both.

    Anytime the HP movies are on tv it makes me want to read all the books again. The books are definitely amazing! I can't wait for the last movie either! I'm excited but it also makes me sad that it will be over.


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