heat wave


A heat wave is more of an understatement. I just checked the weather and it's 97°F, but feels like 104. 
I really dislike hot weather, but it's like that all the time here. 
(bonus: the air conditioner in my car isn't working). 

Anyway, I have been wanting to know what lipstick they used for the 
J.Crew Spring '11 Lookbook for quite awhile now and I found out! 
via Harper's Bazaar
They used Nars lipstick in Heat Wave!
And if you have been wondering and searching for what 
they used for the Fall catalog it is Funny Face. 

I have also been eying some stuff on mark., such as...
mark. Lipclick SPF 15 Color Shine Lipstick
 Specifically wanting Hot Stuff, which I'm hoping is a similar color to Nars Heat Wave. 
Plus it has SPF 15!

mark. Itty Bitty Pretty Earrings
mark. Color Cluster Ring
mark. It's a Long Story Dress
I don't know if this dress would actually look good on me but it is cute.

If you would like to look at or buy any of the mark. products please visit my e-boutique!

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