pink and white


I have to admit that my new favorite color scheme for a room is that pale ballerina pink and white. 
It's just such a pretty and fresh combination of color. 
via Pinterest
via Romantiska Hem
via H&M
via Better Homes and Gardens
I definitely think these pictures will be the inspiration for my bedroom, 
whenever I get a chance to decorate.

hope you are having a great week!
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cowboy dinner


The other night I made Cowboy Dinner, which I found while perusing Pinterest (it happens often). 
Anyway, it was delicious! So I highly recommend that you try it. 
via Mel's Kitchen Cafe
It calls for 2 pounds of lean ground beef but I only used 1 and it worked out fine, granted I was using a smaller pan to bake it in.
Flowers I bought this weekend. I love them cause they are just so bright and cheery!

Hope you're having a good week!
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shopping spree


Ok. It really wasn't a shopping spree...
but I have had some luck internet shopping and finding lots of nail polish. 
(Seriously, I should really stop buying so much nail polish)

 navy blazer, gap; top, t.j.maxx; army shirt/jacket, american eagle; japan relief t-shirt, gap

 I love that the blazer has polka dot lining on the sleeves!

 essie nail polish: status symbol and pretty edgy

ulta nail polish: piñata-yada-yada and poppy

I was super excited when I found the glittery nail polish. It reminded me of the Deborah Lippmann one, but this one was such a score at $5 instead of $22!
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ten ways to dress like a parisian


credit: Lonny Mag

found on RDuJour
I've recently been loving the whole Parisian style. 
And why wouldn't anyone love it! It always seems simple, effortless, and chic. 
I don't know if this look is actually effortless, 
but above ^ is a list of ways that we can attempt to look Parisian chic. 

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travel tuesday: thessaloniki, greece


I love this place! 
(fyi it's where I studied abroad)
Don't worry if you've never heard of it, I hadn't either before 
I found the program to study there and googled it. 
It is Greece's second city.
So it definitely is a big city, in the northern part of Greece. 
I think Thess is so much better to visit than Athens. 
(Although seeing the Parthenon is important and great too.)
It isn't a very touristy city and feels much more 
like you're in Greece, instead of just another large city.
Thessaloniki has great food and I completely miss it! 
I seriously need to find a good Greek restaurant. 
If you ever get a chance to go to Greece, you should definitely try to go to Thessaloniki!

ps I really wish I could get into a taxi and say 
"Vasilis Olgas--Papakyriazi" and get to my apartment again.

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poppies and hyacinths and ranunculus! oh, my!


credit: a creative mint
Let's all try to say the title 3 times fast! 
Yeah it's just a tad bit difficult, not to mention lengthy. 

I keep finding such beautiful pictures of flowers! 
Makes me want to go out and by bunches of them.

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polka dot dress


credit: Dear Diary
So I love this picture! 
The water looks so amazing and I love her outfit, especially the polka dot dress. 
Does anyone else think that polka dots are possibly the happiest print ever?

ps Go check out her blog

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baking cupcakes on a saturday night


Yes. I just finished baking these cupcakes on a Saturday night. I live a crazy life. haha.

Anyway, I used this recipe for the sprinkle cake and this one for the frosting.
I must say these cupcakes ended up being pretty spectacular and so very colorful. 

The frosting was great! This is the first frosting in awhile that I actually really like. 
I did only make half of what it says to use for it in the recipe. I still had more than enough for the wait 23 cupcakes (I tried one without). I just put a  really really thin layer of the frosting on the cupcakes. (You can definitely tell from the pictures)
It takes a little more time to make, but it is still easy and totally worth it!

Happy weekend everyone!
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about a shoe


Who doesn't want a pair of shoes that were made in Italy? Am I right!

I love this video, possibly because I just loved visiting Florence so much. 
Oh how I wish I could be there having some gelato right at this moment.

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