My birthday was yesterday and I turned 22...just when I was getting use to saying I was 21. haha. Isn't that how it always works?

It was a pretty chill birthday, went to go see I Am Number Four and then watched the Oscars. The movie was actually quite good! I already want to know what happens next, since I'm guessing like most movies that there will be a sequel. 
birthday cupcake
my favorite dress from the Oscars. Mila Kunis in Elie Saab.
Hope everyone had a good weekend as well! 
ps I just started my second month of P90X. Geez time just flies by.
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i'm very glad i didn't know about this in college...


because I would have never gotten anything done. Pinterest is awesome! It's having inspiration boards online and made easier, since you can pin pretty much any picture on the internet. Here's a few things I've found!

(i take no credit for any of these pictures)
So go and find the things that inspire you!

ps It's my birthday on Sunday!
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travel tuesday: the city of roses


...but also known as Portland, Oregon.
via lonely planet
I'm so excited! I love Portland and my parents finally decided that I should look for cheap flights yesterday. Technically, we were going for Spring Break (or my parents spring break, because I apparently am still on a vacation from life) but the tickets were too pricey, so summer it is.

I've been to Portland before and it is great! Maybe I love it so much because it usually doesn't hit 90 degrees, even in the summer, and it's soooo green everywhere and has such pretty flowers that I don't see here in Texas.

There's a ton of stuff to see and do in Portland! Such as Powell's Bookstore, which is the largest new and used bookstore in the world! It's pretty fantastic. I went to it before but I really need to go again.
via flickr
via Urban Weeds
Portland street style.

Have a happy Tuesday!

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to grandmother's house we go


Sunday, I went to my grandparents' house for lunch. This included finally learning how to make my grandma's fideo (it's kind of like spaghetti, but a mexican version). It's my favorite!

Doesn't it look delicious?!

ps I took these pictures with my itouch, so they are not super fantastic.
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via ben javens

I've always loved this poem by Emily Dickinson. 
Happy weekend!

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warmer weather


It's now in the 80s here, which to me is on the brink of being a little too warm. 
Air conditioning is my best friend. Haha. 

 I love the spring lookbook from Ruche. These pictures are so pretty. 
ps I really want that purse!

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pink roses


Happy Valentine's Day! 
Hope everyone has a great day!
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who doesn't love a sale?


Yep, sales are awesome! I got this BCBG hat for 14 dollars!! Yes that's right 14...pretty amazing right?! I also bought two BCBGeneration sweaters, which were both 70% off. I love when things are 50% (or more) off. Sales were definitely a great invention. :)

happy friday everyone!
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travel tuesday: auckland, new zealand


I'm going to try something and maybe this will work...or it won't. We shall see. I will try every Tuesday to showcase a new city or country that I would really like to visit. Eventually, maybe this will show where I'm traveling to! (cause wouldn't that be awesome). Let's get started!

I was watching America's Next Top Model the other weekend, since they were showing yet again another marathon of some season, and they went to New Zealand. It seriously looked so gorgeous!

via vagabondish
and a New Zealand fashion designer, Kelsey Genna
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it's all in the bag

Want to win a $150 gift certificate for a THEIT camera bag??? 
I'm sure you do! 
Go to The Daybook and follow all of Sydney's instructions on how you can enter to win a fabulous bag. Plus, you should definitely follow her blog cause it's super awesome.

ps winner will be drawn Tuesday February 22nd

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ballet day


I love this calendar from mimi+meg! And in honor of it being Ballet Day....
one of the looks from the Chloe Spring 2011 collection.

ps Academy Awards, Kahlua Day, and Strawberry Day= my birthday!
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gleek out

I am so very glad that Glee is back! The super bowl episode was great. My favorite song out of the episode to tonight definitely has to be Bills, Bills, Bills.

And here's a picture that completely shows my geeky-ness (is that a word?? I may have made it up).
glasses, American Eagle/ top, Forever 21
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study session


...at least that's what Topshop called this look and who am I to argue with that.
Love this outfit! 

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roll with the punches


 Love this video! So excited that Lenka is coming out with a new album!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!
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graduation: december 2010


Like I posted earlier, I finally got a chance to upload pictures! So here are some from my college graduation.

Sweater from J. Crew, dress and shoes from Banana Republic, bracelet from Ann Taylor. 

I didn't plan to match my school colors, it just happened. You have to admit, red and black is always a nice color combo!
Look! Kate Spade totally agrees with me! 

Anyway, it doesn't really feel like I've actually graduated (at times it just feels like I'm on an extra long vacation). Still trying to figure out what I want to do and applying for different things. Which reminds me...I need to go work on some of my applications that are due soon!

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