I'm telling you I come up with the best titles for my blog posts here! lol So yeah's a few looks that I thought were some good outfit inspiration.
I have to admit I'm not the biggest Megan Fox fan, but for some odd reason I'm loving this outfit. It's cute, simple, and looks comfy! I absolutely loveeee sweaters and this one she is wearing is no exception.
*both these photos found on People
I'm liking this outfit too. Simple and for being pretty casual, it looks chic.

Now the SAG awards....actually watched part of it! I rarely ever watch award shows, they are just soooo long. Anyway I watched some of the awards and part of the E! red carpet live thing they show before it.

These are my favorite looks of the night!

ps I started P90X today! I am already's to 89 more days of this. haha.

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*i take no credit for any of these pictures


  1. Yes! You do come up with the best titles for your blog posts! lol! And I really like that last red dress worn by the girl who plays one of the characters in Black Swan. I like it, not just because it's red lol, but I am a sucker for sweeheart necklines. I also really like how it is belted at the wait. Last, i really like the material and how it is styled.

    Question: could we get a lawsuit for not putting a disclaimer or whatever for photos we use in our blogs?

    P.S. I love you signature! :) I might steal that idea from you! You have inspired me! hahahaha! jk!

  2. lol it's Mila Kunis.

    I'm not sure, Pilar. I try to post the sources of any of the pictures on here.

    Thanks! you should make a signature too. :)


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