I'm telling you I come up with the best titles for my blog posts here! lol So yeah's a few looks that I thought were some good outfit inspiration.
I have to admit I'm not the biggest Megan Fox fan, but for some odd reason I'm loving this outfit. It's cute, simple, and looks comfy! I absolutely loveeee sweaters and this one she is wearing is no exception.
*both these photos found on People
I'm liking this outfit too. Simple and for being pretty casual, it looks chic.

Now the SAG awards....actually watched part of it! I rarely ever watch award shows, they are just soooo long. Anyway I watched some of the awards and part of the E! red carpet live thing they show before it.

These are my favorite looks of the night!

ps I started P90X today! I am already's to 89 more days of this. haha.

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*i take no credit for any of these pictures

emma stone at the golden globes

I loved Emma's look at the Golden Globes! I didn't realize that her makeup was by mark. until I went to the Teen Vogue website.

Get the look:
Mark celebrity makeup artist Mai Quynh started by prepping Emma's skin with Mark Calm & Composed Moisturizer. "Next I used Mark Face Xpert in Honey and applied it with a foundation brush. I put Mark Good Riddance Concealer in Light/Medium around her nose and under her eyes, and blended it with a concealer brush. I set her foundation with Mark Powder Buff in Natural using a powder brush, then dusted Mark Bronze Pro Powder in Pro Glow onto her cheeks, forehead, and chin. Then I applied Mark Good Glowing Blush in After Glo on her cheeks with an angled contour face brush," she explains. On the eyes, she began by applying I-mark eyeshadow in Biscotti to the inner eyelid, followed by I-mark eyeshadow in Gioia on the middle and outer eyelid from the lashline to the crease. "I used an angled contour eyeshadow brush to really blend Gioia into the crease. As a liner, I applied I-mark eyeshadow in Java along the upper lashline using the hookup eyeliner brush. I smudged Gioia along the bottom lashline as well, and then finished the eyes with two coats of Mark Lash Plash Mascara in Black. On the lips, I used Mark Lipclick Full Color Lipstick in Bare Hug," she says.

Read More at!

ps If you want to get any of these products, you can buy them at my mark. e-boutique!!

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wink, wink



I think this owl is so cute! 

Have a happy weekend!! 
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matchbook mag


There is a new online mag, Matchbook!

I really loved the pictures and outfits of this article, An American in Paris, about Haleigh Walsworth. (She has great style, so go check out her blog!) I'm really loving the parisian style and it definitely makes me want to go to France!

Go check out the mag too!

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h&m love

H&M announced today that in about a year they will have online shopping available in the US!!!! This is possibly the best news! Love H&M and I've been missing out, since they don't have a store in Texas yet (although they have a preview store in Dallas, but that's not close to me). Anyway, I can't wait!

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spring time


It's not Spring yet, but here, it might as well be since it's been in the 70s lately. As much as I'm not necessarily the biggest fan of hot weather, it will get worse eventually, the new Spring lookbook from J. Crew has got me excited for it.

It's all so pretty! Can't wait for this stuff to come out.

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heart of gold


I apparently, now, have an obsession with gold accessories (big chunky gold jewelry is not what I'm talking about). I like delicate gold jewelry and other things, like shoes!
from Steve Madden

super great gold nail polish from Sephora
this hat that Jennifer Morrison is wearing on How I Met Your Mother. Isn't it a cute hat???

ps If you haven't watched How I Met Your Mother, you definitely should!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
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I really don't ever make New Year's resolutions, but I definitely like the style resolutions on Ruche. I think theirs work for every year and every moment. 

Definitely words to live by and I love the outfits!! haha.

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sneak peek


Okay. Sooo I really don't have too much to say, but I looked at some new stuff from mark. and they are going to be coming out with great stuff!

I love Ashley Greene's outfit! I think this stuff should be coming out February 24th! Sooo close to my birthday! Go look at what mark. has now at my e-boutique.

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dreaming of switzerland


Today the weather was actually cold here! In the 40s! I loved it. I also went job hunting, so that while I am here at home (for the time being) I won't be completely, utterly bored to death. I can only hope someone will hire me.

So...Switzerland. Why do I want to go to Switzerland so badly?? Really I don't truly know, but any picture looks beautiful, they are suppose to have great chocolate, and they have 3 official languages (Italian, French, and German)! I just find that last bit of info as the most amazing thing. Anyway, the next time I'm in Europe, I am going to Switzerland!

Also, I got my Lucky magazine in the mail today! I love getting mail, especially when it's a magazine or netflix.

70's style from Lucky mag.
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it's complicated


I'm sick again....or at least it feels like I was just sick a few weeks ago. I'm feeling better though, not quite so much like I'm dying anymore. Also, I apparently look less pale than I did yesterday, so the feeling better must be true. As I've been spending most of my time laying down on the sofa, I've been watching a lot of tv. Today, I watched a few movies, one being It's Complicated. In all honesty, I don't think it's the best movie ever but it's cute and I just love the house in it. Really it is just gorgeous and John Krasinski is in it too! I love him in this movie....and The Office.
i want this house!
love this kitchen!

I really liked how they dressed in this movie. Plus, did you know the guy was the really mean kid in 17 again???
John Krasinski was so great in this movie. I would love if more guys dressed like this, by the way.
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cheers to a fantastic new year


Happy New Year everyone!!!! It's pretty amazing that it's now 2011 (yes right now, I just caught myself typing 2010 out of habit). Things have definitely changed this past year, which I think has been for the better. I must say overall 2010 was much better for me than 2009. I'm ready for this new year and this new phase in my life, it will be an adventure to say the least. So here's to figuring out this new part of my life and having a blast along the way!

picture not by me
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