Weekend in Santorini


So I'm feeling nostalgic. Possibly because I spent 6 hours of my life talking about studying abroad on Saturday and realized that this past weekend, last year, I spent it in Santorini, Greece. It's a beautiful place, even more beautiful than pictures or movies ( the one that specifically comes to most minds, at least for girls, the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants). I loved it and I wish I could be there again.

These pictures are all taken by me. I think most of my pictures from Santorini are possibly the best ones from all the places I visited.

You may have possibly thought I have some Greek heritage in me, with the curly hair and all, but I am not. A lot of Greek people thought I was from Greece as well, so I'm very glad that I learned "signomi, then milao Ellinika," which means "sorry, I don't speak Greek." I used it often. :)

Hope you have a wonderful week!
goodheart <3


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