marry me


Please tell me someone watched the lifetime movie, Marry Me, tonight?! Wasn't it great?? It was such a cute movie and had great dialogue for a tv movie. I thought it would be cheesier than it was...but it was just the right amount of cheesiness. haha. I thought the pug kind of stole the show though. If you haven't watched should!

Speaking of weddings I saw some really amazing ones on some blogs...
Santorini wedding!!! Ah so amazing!

I just love the dress and the rings of this Austin wedding!

The church is just sooo nice and original. I also love the groom's cake! I'll forgive them for being Longhorn fans. Haha. Wedding took place in Wimberly, Texas.

I really think that event/wedding planning could be a fun career to have....hmmm maybe.

goodheart <3


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