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So as a way to keep ignoring the fact that I actually do have homework (not like it's very much, I may just end up doing it tomorrow during my break), I keep looking at blogs and writing posts. :)

To commemorate the start of lovely December, this post is about all the things I love about this month.

1. cinnamon
Cinnamon is seriously the best scent ever! At home, my mom gets these cinnamon broomsticks for the house, at least 2 or 3, and it makes the whole house smell amazing! It automatically reminds me of cold weather and Christmas.

2. hot chocolate
photo from purl soho
I loveeeeeeee hot chocolate! Add about a billion marshmallows and it's possibly one of the most delicious things on the planet. I've never been a coffee drinker, so hot chocolate is it when the weather even remotely hits below 65. (Hey, I'm from Texas!)

3. scarves + coolish weather = awesome
Scarves have always been a favorite accessory of mine. They can add a punch of color when needed and I just think they can add dimension to an outfit. Anyway I love them and have wayyyyy tooo many of them as well! :)

4. Twinkle lights
I think the holidays are just the prettiest time of year. All the lights on houses, buildings, and around the town in general! The world becomes a twinkle lights wonderland for just awhile and it adds magic to the season.

I love all this and much more! I hope you all have a fantastic December! Don't forget to watch the 25 days of Christmas on abc family. :)

ps There is now only 16 days till my graduation...the countdown begins.

pps I take no credit for any of these pictures

goodheart <3


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