sick days


It's not very surprising that I'm sick right now, so close to Halloween. As a kid, I always ended up sick for this holiday, that most people are kind of obsessed with. This created, for me, no desire to ever really celebrate it and I've never been that big into candy.

So I've been sick all week. Lost my voice and had a presentation to do in one of my classes, not a great combo by the way. Anyway it's been productive though, since I'm drinking any hot tea I can get my hands on, and finally found exactly what to do so that tea actually tastes like something. Milk and sugar does wonders! Now you may be wondering why I never did that in the first place, but let it be known, I've never needed to have hot tea. The deep South Texas weather was never really cold enough to make it a part of my life. I'm learning to really love it though, especially since I'm not a fan of coffee. :)
apple tea in Istanbul, Turkey. It's amazing!

Now this picture, below, is what was going on outside my window about an hour ago. Hail, rain, and lots of wind! It was intense.
 I think I'll take a nap now, sounds like such a good thing with this stormy weather.

goodheart <3


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