art & argentine tango


Yesterday I went to the first friday art trail, which I haven't been to in ages. It was fun, but since my friend and I needed to go somewhere else after, we went through it at a ridiculous speed.
me at the art trail

After the art trail, we went to D'Venue to a ballroom dance party. Sounds random but it's so much fun. There's a lesson at the beginning and this week it was Argentine tango! Let me just say that the Argentine tango is awesome! I love it. I have always wanted to go to Argentina to learn it and experience the place that originated this form of dance, and now I want to even more. :)
Charmaine and I at D'Venue
Anyway, that was my Friday night. It was a fun one.

So I want to go shopping. Haha. When do I not? But I know I really shouldn't, so I've been window shopping online. :) Right now I'm really wanting some new dresses/tunics, plus this camel coat and moccasins from J. Crew.

Can I just say how much I've been really loving J. Crew lately. I wish I had more money to buy all the lovely stuff they have.

Well, I should really attempt to get some studying done, but I'll probably end up on facebook or looking at other blogs. Haha.



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